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About Us

ZHE JIANG BOGUANG ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. a flattening management, lean bureaucracy, step by step authorization management model. Company in the long-term production and management, construction, the development process of formation, positive, unity cooperation, the spirit of innovation.

Quality Guarantee

"Quality consciousness in my heart, quality in my hands", as the foundation of enterprise survival and development, the freshman of each company has a strict quality management system, rewards and punishment. From the source of raw materials into the factory, factory inspection, production process, each link all the key working procedure set up quality control points, assign personnel management checks, each product according to the enterprise standard for production.

Faced with the opportunities and challenges of economic globalization, the need for innovative marketing ideas. Internet has made the entire planet into a global village, so that the world market formed a unified market. Enterprises are facing the market has become a broader and more diverse than the national concept of space. Accordingly, the company's survival is bound to survive worldwide. These changes to the enterprise has brought opportunities and challenges, and to give enterprises a highly competitive, therefore, companies must adopt a new marketing concept.

A global marketing concept

Because Inter-net commercial use, so that enterprises at any time, any place, as long as the computer networking, are faced with the opportunity to deal with domestic and foreign customers. Thus, companies not only to establish the global marketing of new ideas, but also must be taken with a large foreign enterprises different innovative marketing concepts, to avoid direct competition with large foreign enterprises, but also to expand the scale through joint ventures and increase their strength.

2, knowledge of marketing concepts

As a knowledge of marketing rely on knowledge and information to promote products, services, high-level business sales behaviors and ways has its own unique requirements, requiring enterprises to enhance their marketing concept, which uses knowledge of the marketing concept to guide marketing behavior, consciously put corporate interests, consumer interests, social interests of the three organic combination.

3, green marketing concept

With the voices of promoting sustainable development of the world economy growing, environmental protection has become enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities. ISO4000 companies to the international market is becoming a green passport, green consumer behavior has penetrated the minds of new consumers. People's way of thinking, values and consumer psychology and consumer behavior have undergone significant changes. "Green industry", "green consumption" craze on the rise. By the emergence of a global green technology and green service consisting of a huge "green market." Protection of the environment, respect for nature, and promote the idea of sustainable development has become the consensus of the world's governments and businesses.

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