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Substation can be divided into five categories according to the installation locations


Substation by the installation locations can be divided into the following five categories

Outdoor substation.

In addition to the outdoor substation control and DC power supply and other equipment on the indoor and outdoor, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors and other major equipment are arranged in the outdoors. This substation construction area of small, low construction cost, high voltage substations generally use the outdoor layout.

Indoor substation.

The main indoor substation equipment are on the interior, reducing the total area, but higher construction costs, suitable for densely populated urban areas, or on the coast, salt, chemical plants and other higher levels of air contamination areas.

Underground substation.

In highly concentrated population and industrial cities, as urban electricity capacity, built-up, will be set up in the underground city substation big buildings, roads, parks, and can reduce the area, particularly with the development of urban power grids, substation substation is located in the city as well as a large hub will take more underground substation. This substation majority of unmanned substation.

Box-type substation.

Also known Prefabricated substation is to transformers, high voltage switch, low-voltage electrical equipment and connections and auxiliary equipment compact combined with each other, according to the different main wiring and components, arranged in a certain way to focus on one or several closed tank shell. Box-type substation is designed and manufactured by the factory, compact, small footprint, high reliability, easy installation, now widely used in residential areas and parks and other places. Box-type substation capacity is not general, can be divided according to different positions within the installation of outdoor and indoor types.

mobiles substation.

The substation equipment installed on the vehicle for temporary or short-term electricity needs places.

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