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Buried box-type substation little use in the district


Buried box-type substation, transformer installed in the ground, above ground is high and low voltage power distribution equipment, through which the upper and lower three-dimensional arrangement, which greatly reduced installation footprint, and to optimize the design through shape, aboveground made landscape decorative style or light box advertising style, indeed to the surrounding environment has played a role in landscaping and decorative embellishment, unlike other box-type substation, installed less harmony with the environment.

Buried change design life is generally about 20 years, after a number of years will certainly have to be transformed to update, this will involve the issue of construction time, the general box changes or indoor substation, power update time can be completed in one day , which becomes buried with a buried installation, replace the tank if the overall change, will encounter great trouble

Maintenance difficulties, once the transformer needs to be repaired, due to the limited space inside the transformer, the condition is very limited, on-site maintenance difficulties, such as to replace the transformer, you must first move the upper level of the distribution part of the crane, remove cables, a huge amount of work, time may not be expected outage .

Because cabinet construction and installation, underground transformer cabinets easily water, in the district, underground drain becomes almost level with the ground, in case of large rainfall precipitation, which would be the intake and outfall intrusion, to automatic submersible pump can not do anything, the risk actually is far greater than the water transformer installed in the basement of the power distribution room.

Buried box-type substation due to compact, all electrical operations are in the outdoors, such as inclement weather, the operator will cause great inconvenience and insecurity.

Buried residential area is a distribution terminal becomes almost impossible to achieve circuit switching, and greater capacity of a single power supply area is large, such as a longer outage time, residents will have a serious impact on the above 500kVA buried variable products, some companies do not recommend the use of large sets as a cell becomes public

Buried box-type substation in some small capacity, such as demanding landscape parkland, suitable for city road lighting and other occasions to promote the application.

Bo-box-type substation and other ancillary products are widely used in the engineering, quality assurance

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