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Quality Engineer Job Number: Several people


1. Electrical relevant Bachelor degree or above

High voltage switch over 2.3 years Quality Engineer / Quality Engineer Customer Service Experience

3. Familiar with the high voltage switch structure, working principle, the sale of common quality problems and appropriate solutions;

4. Be able to skillfully use 8D / DOE and other quality tools to analyze and solve quality problems.

5. Strong communication skills;

6. responsible, serious and responsible, able to travel;

Sales Manager Job Number: Several people

I. Responsibilities

1. The development and management of sales channels under the jurisdiction of the region, under the jurisdiction of the area for customer maintenance work to maintain close communication with customers, improve customer relationships liter satisfaction

2. Understand and analyze customer needs in their areas of jurisdiction, to obtain sales opportunities

3. Tender work under the jurisdiction of the region, increase the winning chance

4. negotiating contracts and technology agreements, contracts and technology to improve the quality of the agreement signed

5. manage their areas of jurisdiction has signed a contract to deliver the performance, ensuring scheduling, timely and accurate delivery

6. Management under the jurisdiction of the regional administration has signed a loan contract, to ensure payment target

Second, the Qualifications

1. Education: College and above

2. Professional background: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Mechanical Engineering or related field

3. The knowledge and skills: understanding the production characteristics of the power industry and procurement model

4. Work experience: more than two years of work experience in sales

5. Competency: good communication and adaptability, commercially sensitive, eager to challenge and self-realization, able to withstand greater pressure

Service Engineer Job Number: Several people


1, for the industry to provide engineering and technical solutions and related technical services;

2, in accordance with the requirements of the project manager or guidance documents complete equipment on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance;

3, record, analyze, organize travel reports, on-site service information and feedback relevant product information.


1, tertiary and higher education, electrical engineering and automation related;

2, there is more than one year of work experience in the power system service, outstanding graduates also;

3, hard-working, can adapt to a long business trip;

4, strong language skills, standard Mandarin fluently;

5, have good communication skills;

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